The Insurance Conundrum

A conundrum is a confusing and difficult problem, vexing, a quandary and dilemma. There are many serious issues and concerns which Our civilization faces which might be defined by such terminology. If I were speaking of climate change some would suggest that it is the existential threat to our very existence. And we wonder why suicide is the second leading cause of death among the young. There is great value in Our society having the tools and the space to engage in dialogue in order to resolve these dynamic problems of the age. The therapist space is a really good space to explore both the small issues of Our self worth, as well as these monumental existential crises. It seems clear to many

Winning the Battle

This past February, I found myself struggling with a fairly significant episode of depression. Interestingly enough, even though I’m a therapist, by the time I actually came to the realization that I was going through a depressive episode, it had been going on for at least a few weeks. Depression can be a sneaky little bugger, it seems. As soon as I came to the realization of what was going on, I knew I needed to take action in a few different ways. The first thing was to acknowledge the reality of my state, that I was struggling, and that I needed to be very kind and compassionate to myself. I wasn’t functioning anywhere near the “top of my game”, and I simply needed to understand and b

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