At The Well Being, we provide outpatient mental health services and incorporate exercise as a form of treatment. We are not prescribing medication, we are prescribing a way of life.

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Why don’t I exercise like I know I should?  Why do I struggle with over eating?  Why does it seem like I always date the wrong people?  Why am I afraid to talk to my boss?  Why do I have so few friends?  Why do I feel the way I do? 

Cogito, ergo sum.  I think therefore I am.   Problematic behaviors are oftentimes rooted in problematic thinking.  Our staff of skilled therapists can help you identify what your mental and behavioral roadblocks are, and figure out ways to overcome these barriers. 

Cardiovascular exercise is the best mental health medication available on the market today.  Time spent with a therapist can be a transformative experience.  By providing both, we help  empower our clients to take control over their lives, and move much closer to who and how they want to be. 

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"I did not like the medication path that my doctor always seemed to suggest to treat my depression.  As my sessions continued, my counselor shared numerous articles and books with me, and I started to exercise.  I now exercise everyday and have lost over 45 pounds.  I have a busy schedule and make time everyday as it has become a priority.  My life has changed!  Thank You Well Being!"


"As of today, I have put almost 200 miles on my shoes, running or walking. I can not express how critical it is to my well being.  The anxiety I felt daily from last year from the minute I woke up is not an issue now.  After a few days, I could not believe the change!  I am at such peace after I exercise!"


"I have never had a therapist that I have felt so comfortable with, or that I did not feel like was sitting there judging me.  I have never had a therapist that I could be so open and honest with.  I hope you realize how great you have been for my life.  I know I have a long way to go for happiness, but after yesterday, for the 1st time since I can remember I have hope that I can be happy in life.   Also, by the way, I think you guys are on to something with this exercise thing!”