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Get Help, Get Active, Get Well

We are a team of therapists who use exercise and movement as a primary form of treatment for common mental health issues, such as anxiety & depression, and do so based on science and research.


When we opened our doors in June of 2011, The Well Being was the first outpatient mental health facility in the United States to provide its clientele with an on-site fitness center, specifically for their use, and specifically for their mental health. We continue represent the cutting edge when it comes to this treatment combination. 

While clients are receiving counseling they have open-access to our on-site fitness center at no additional charge, and access to the expertise of our fitness staff.  We believe in the power that exercise and movement hold as a form of mental health treatment, and have established it as a cornerstone of our practice.


Listen to Brendan Kelly's interview on "The Practice of The Practice" podcast and learn more about the past, present, and future of The Well Being!  

Meet Our Team

Meet the team of Well Being staff who are ready for you to get help, get active, and get well.

Clinical Staff

Fitness and Support Staff

Contact us to get started. 

540 Leonard St. NW,

Suite G 

Grand Rapids, MI 49504


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