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Mission Statement

To advance the use of movement and exercise for better mental health in our community.

When it comes to exercise, people encounter many barriers.  The financial barrier certainly can be one of them.  Working with a personal trainer is oftentimes financially unaffordable to many, as is paying to attend group fitness classes.  Sometimes a person is in need of the proper clothing or shoes for exercising or working out, but again, it is not within their budget.  


Similarly, for many people who are struggling with their mental health, seeing a therapist on a regular basis is something that they can not financially do.  Or, if they do end up seeking treatment, it leads to increased financial stress in their lives.  

The purpose of The Well Being Foundation is to eliminate these barriers in order to ensure that all of our clients can get the help they are looking for, and be able to take full advantage of the fitness and exercise aspect of our programming that is there primarily for the betterment of their mental health.  

We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to get help, get active, and get well.  

Board of Directors

Sara Acker


The first time I heard Brendan speak about The Well Being I immediately knew I wanted to be part of their vision. Having worked in the preventative health and wellness industry for 20+ years I have watched the message of the movement for health get hijacked by marketing campaigns selling gimmicks promising to make people look a certain way.  I am excited to bring The Well Being's science backed practices, teaching movement for physical and mental health improvements to our community. 


I am a proud westsider and when I am not bullying/encouraging everyone around me to get sweaty I love spending time in, on, or near the water with my husband and 5 kids. 

Mike Schuler, Ph.D


I have worked with Brendan & Tim since the inception of The Well Being and have seen how invested they are in the business of helping the members of our community. Early on they coordinated the Rx Run with great success. It is apparent to me that with the The Well Being Foundation they are ready to make further impact with the health and wellness in our community, especially those in most need of these services. 


I work as an organizational development & leadership consultant. I live with my wife and three children in Belmont, Michigan.

Ben Davidson, MD


I’m a family physician in West Michigan. I migrated here from Australia and live in Grand Rapids with my wife and two young daughters. I met Brendan when he shared his passion for movement as a component of mental health treatment with a group of resident physicians. I see the huge burden that mental illness creates amongst my patients, and I’m “all in” with the model that Brendan and Tim use to provide care. 


I also see the struggle and loss caused by the cost of health care. To see patients unable to look after their mental and physical health due to cost is heartbreaking. A little bit of help can go a long way, and The Well Being Foundation will provide this help in a life changing way. 

Jarrett McCartney, JD


I became close friends with Brendan during my first career as a social worker.  We worked together at a community mental health agency  back in the 2000s and shared a passion for improving the quality of life for recipients of mental health services.. My second career as an attorney began in 2011 when I opened a practice specializing in the representation of individuals with mental health related disability claims. 


The benefit of including exercise as a vital component of mental health treatment is something I have experienced first hand.  I don’t believe I would have survived law school without using regular exercise to supplement my own mental health treatment.  


I now reside in the Detroit area where I am originally from.  I enjoy any form of live entertainment, especially sports and music.  

Dick Bulkowski


Dick is a lifelong Grand Rapidian.  He was part of the core team that launched Steepletown (a local, westside non-profit organization) in 1993, and he currently serves as their Executive Director. Dick has his MA in Theology from the Oblate School of Theology which focused significantly on community development. Dick served as a Kent County Commissioner for 10 years representing several urban core neighborhoods of Grand Rapids.

Michelle Palma, CPA


As a lifelong athlete and coach for Special Olympics, I've experienced firsthand the mutually beneficial relationship between exercise and mental health. I enjoyed working with Brendan while serving on another board for a non-profit organization that integrated running into its mission, and I jumped at the opportunity to serve when I found out what The Well Being Foundation was doing!


Outside of my career in Finance, you will find me spending time with my family on the NW side of Grand Rapids or anywhere outdoors except during the cold months. My goal before leaving this world is to section hike the entire 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail.