To advance the use of movement and exercise for better mental health in our community.

When it comes to exercise, people encounter many barriers.

When it comes to exercise, people encounter many barriers. The financial barrier certainly can be one of them. Working with a personal trainer is oftentimes financially unaffordable too many, as is paying to attend group fitness classes. Sometimes a person is in need of the proper clothing or shoes for exercising or working out, but again, it is not within their budget.  


Similarly, for many people who are struggling with their mental health, seeing a therapist on a regular basis is something that they can not financially do. Or, if they do end up seeking treatment, it leads to increased financial stress in their lives.  

The Well Being Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.   It's purpose is to eliminate financial barriers in order to ensure that all of our clients can get the help they are looking for, and be able to take full advantage of the fitness and exercise aspect of our programming that is there primarily for the betterment of their mental health.  

We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to get help, get active, and get well.  

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