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The Rock in a Hard Place

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Based on some of the things I've seen and read about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson over the years, I've always thought he's seemed like a good dude. Funny, down to earth, and not at all pretentious in spite of the fact that he is, a) a rather fit and attractive man, and b) is quite successful and is probably very wealthy by now.

That being said, my opinion of him rose significantly higher this past week when he opened up about his struggles with depression in an article published by The Express.

There remains a mindset in American culture where men are supposed to "be strong" and be able to just "suck up" and deal with any and all difficulties that life throws at them. That it's not OK for a man to be in need of emotional help. And, if a man is struggling with their mental health, it means he is somehow "weak" or "deficient" and less of a man.

As Mr. The Rock so wonderfully shows...this is absolute bullshit. There is no shame in a person, man or woman, getting to the point to where they are in need of help. Unfortunately, shame is oftentimes the thing that gets in the way of it happening.

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