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Stretching Exercises

We use physical exercise & outpatient counseling to improve your mental health

 Get help, get active, get well.  

How It Works

We empower people to improve their mental health through the use of physical exercise in conjunction with the skills, tools, insight, and awareness gained through outpatient counseling. 


Client Stories

"I did not like the medication path that my doctor always seemed to suggest to treat my depression.  As my sessions continued, my counselor shared numerous articles and books with me, and I started to exercise.  I now exercise everyday and have lost over 45 pounds.  I have a busy schedule and make time everyday as it has become a priority.  My life has changed!  Thank You Well Being!"

Step 1: Get Help

Contact us to set up an appointment with a Well Being therapist! Learn more about our therapists on the About Us page. 

Step 2: Get Active

Begin outpatient counseling and create a plan with a Well Being therapist to include physical exercise in your treatment. We have a gym that is free for you to use and a personal trainer on site that you can schedule appointments with. Check out our fitness center!

Step 3: Get Well

Continue to meet with a Well Being therapist and personal trainer for as long as you need.

The Starting Line Scholarship

Running is one of the most valuable tools a person can use to help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.  We also know that getting started running can be intimidating or even too expensive. That’s why The Well Being and Still I Run have partnered together to offer the Starting Line Scholarship, right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

The scholarship strives to remove any barriers blocking you from running for your mental health, and provide you with the motivation and accountability to keep you going. We’ll provide you with shoes and running gear, coaching, fitness classes, and entry into the Amway River Bank 5K on May 11, 2024. Our goal here is to help get you to the starting line of a lifelong journey of running for your mental health.

For more information on this incredible program, click HERE!

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