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Trying to Remain Alert!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

A couple of years ago, I signed up for the following "Google Alerts": "Exercise and Depression", "Exercise and Anxiety", and "Exercise and Mental Health". Since then, three times a day, I receive an email from Google "alerting" me to any news that has popped up on their very large radar screen regarding those topics. Much like in other areas of my life, I've had a very hard time keeping up.

As I'm sure many of you experience as well, I frequently find myself overwhelmed with emails. I try to read and respond to the ones I deem to be a top priority, but I'm not always successful at that. Unfortunately, since I have deemed these "Google Alert" emails to be less than a top priority, I frequently neglect to read them.

And something else I've been neglecting...this blog! What ties this blog in with the Google Alerts I receive is that I realize I can simply pass along any information I get through these alerts that which may be useful, beneficial, or important in some way. Just yesterday, I was alerted to THIS ARTICLE.

The article reports on the results of a meta-analysis, published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, which found that exercise has a "significant" impact on clinical depression. This is just one of many, many pieces of research which shows the need for our healthcare system to start looking at exercise as being what we believe it truly is. And what we believe is this...

We believe that exercise is the best mental health medication available on the market today, with the world's best side effects.

So, get that exercise in, folks. Your mental health may depend on it. And if you're struggling, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Talk to you soon!


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